Whether you have a clear vision for your dream Airstream or are in need of some inspiration, our experts are here to help.


Gourmet Cabinet
Gourmet Cabinet

Convert underutilized space into a highly functional storage and kitchen prep station with the Gourmet Cabinet


Grand Lounge
Grand Lounge

Redefine functionality and versatility with the Grand Lounge from Ultimate Airstreams

Rear Hatch

Increase versatility and welcome the outdoors into your trailer with the addition of a rear hatch


Put your feet up and relax with the comfort of recliners in the Airstream you already love



Instantly heighten the aesthetic and comfort of your Airstream with custom upholstery crafted exclusively for you

Beverage Drawer Solutions

Easily keep wine at hand with convenient bottle storage solutions from Ultimate Airstreams

Convection Microwave

Upgrade your conventional microwave to convection for all the conveniences of a modern kitchen



Personalize your kitchen, bathroom or Gourmet Cabinet with a variety of countertop options

Dinette Table Storage

Keep frequently used items out of sight but close at hand with convenient dinette table storage


Have less mess and more free time in your Airstream with a dishwasher from Ultimate Airstreams

Oven and Cooktop

Upgrade your Airstream's oven and cooktop for a more modern look and better performance

Refrigerator and Freezer

Modernize and conserve your trailer's energy with an upgraded refrigerator from Ultimate Airstreams


Add more useable surface space where and when you need it with additional tables in your Airstream

Upgraded Flooring

Restyle your Airstream with the warmth, durability and comfort of new or upgraded flooring

Upgraded Sinks

Make meal prep and washing up a breeze with an upgraded sink from Ultimate Airstreams


Keep clothes and linens clean no matter where you are with the convenience of a washer/dryer in your Airstream

Wine Fridge

Keep your wine safe during travels and cool at the campsite with a wine fridge in your Airstream

Additional Outlets and USB

Add additional charging ports for your devices where it's most convenient for you

AGM Batteries

Make the switch to sealed, maintenance-free batteries that last longer than conventional batteries


Optimize your Airstream's charging capability and maintain your Airstream's batteries, worry-free


In town or boondocking, enjoy the benefits of full power at the touch of a button


Enjoy the benefits of 120v electricity inside your Airstream with upgraded inverters from Ultimate Airstreams


Lithium Batteries
Lithium Ion Batteries

For less weight, more power and faster charging, upgrade to lithium-ion batteries in your Airstream

Smart Plug Conversion

Update your older Airstream with modern connectivity by converting your Airstream's outlets to smart plugs



Capture the sun’s endless energy to travel longer and more remotely with rooftop solar from Ultimate Airstreams


Create an inspiring workspace in any Airstream floor-plan with a desk from Ultimate Airstreams


Hallway Wardrobe
Hallway Wardrobe

Maximize your storage space and stay more organized by modifying your hallway wardrobe to drawers

Pantry Sliding Drawers

Conveniently access items in your Airstream's pantry with the addition of pantry sliding drawers

Pet Solutions

From crates to gates, let your pets be as comfortable on the road as they are at home


Optimize every nook and cranny in your Airstream with a variety of storage solutions from Ultimate Airstreams


Under Bed Storage
Under Bed Storage

Quickly and conveniently access under bed storage with the addition of drawers from Ultimate Airstreams

Under Lounge Storage

Reclaim the space under your lounge with the addition of under lounge storage

Wedge Cushion Storage

Convert your backrest spacer cushion into entryway storage for shoes, keys and other items you want to keep handy

Audio and Speaker Upgrades

Enhance your music experience with our audio and speaker upgrades

Cell Boost

Boost your cell phone signal to stay in touch from more locations by adding WeBoost to your Airstream

Exterior TV

There's room to invite everyone for the big game or movie night with an exterior TV

Larger TV

It's easy to catch the latest episode or a new flick with a larger TV in your Airstream


Keep all of your devices connected in more places with your own personal hotspot in your Airstream



Increase sleeping capacity and give the kiddos a space of their own with custom bunk solutions from Ultimate Airstreams

Closet Sidelights

Easily find clothes, linens and gear with the addition of automatic LED lighting to your hall wardrobe


Sleep comfortably through the night and add style to your bedroom with a soft, insulated headboard


Enjoy a good night’s sleep with a variety of mattress sizes, shapes and firmness from Ultimate Airstreams

Queen to Twin Conversion

Reclaim valuable space and sleep more comfortably with the queen to twin conversion from Ultimate Airstreams

Twin Bed Decks

Add comfort, support and strength with upgraded bed decks from Ultimate Airstreams

Additional Windows

Take in the full breadth of your surroundings and let light fill your coach with additional windows

Bathroom Countertop Storage

Keep medicine, makeup and other toiletries out of sight and organized in a convenient location


From safety features to spa-like showerheads, upgrade your Airstream’s shower to fit your needs

Teak Shower Floor

Add style, convenience and comfort while using your Airstream's shower with a teak shower floor


Decommission the black tank and convert your Airstream's toilet to one that better fits your travel style

Bike Racks

There's room for everyone to enjoy the ride with the addition of a bike rack to your Airstream


Enjoy the benefits of a rain-proof, reversible, 11-speed roof vent to increase airflow in your Airstream

New Awning

Replace or restyle your awning material in the color or pattern that suits your style


Let the light pour in with a multi-layered, insulated skylight from Ultimate Airstreams

Airstream Mobile Hair Salon

Offer clients a personalized hair salon experience right at their front door with your own mobile salon

Airstream Mobile Kitchen

Go beyond your brick-and-mortar presence with your own mobile Airstream kitchen from Ultimate Airstreams

Airstream Mobile Retail Space

Take your business to where your customers are with a mobile retail space from Ultimate Airstreams

Airstream Mobile Wine Bar

Enhance your client’s next event with a one-of-a-kind mobile Airstream bar experience